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"Along with marriage and childbirth, I now add this as a defining moment in my life." --BH
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New friends recommended another seminar, specific to the relationship between men and women. Within the first hours we heard information that touched us -- made us see each other with new eyes. We transformed our romantic relationship with each other. For the first time we began to see the differences between us as natural and healthy, not as problems needing to be solved. We learned better ways to support each other's hopes and dreams. We became more loving, joyful friends.

When addiction became an issue in our family, we read several books recommended during family counseling. We discovered the importance of understanding our childhood experiences, the messages given to us in our growing-up years. We saw more links between the patterns of behavior in our grandparents and parents and between us and our children. For the first time we understood how vitally important it is to take action to avoid passing on destructive patterns to the next generation.

We became hungry to know more, for ourselves and for the people we cared about. We attended a wide variety of seminars and workshops about relationships. And read more books about relationships. And listened to more audio tapes series about relationships. Each new step gave us greater awareness of what it means to be human beings. We learned specific techniques for turning arguments into discussions. We learned how to listen to each other more effectively and lovingly. We learned to nurture and guide our children with love and firm support instead of anger and demand.

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