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"Along with marriage and childbirth, I now add this as a defining moment in my life." --BH
Relationship Kit Bill and Judy


Product Summary

In the privacy of your home, assess the current state of your relationships with a LifePartners Relationship Fitness Kit. This enlightening process works for singles or couples.

When you have studied the information in the Relationship Fitness Kit, call to schedule your FREE half-hour of personal relationship coaching.


Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams

    Audio tape guidance from the co-founders of LifePartners. They tell you how to get the most value from your kit.

Getting Love Right

    A collection of 3 audio tapes that explains how to evaluate the state of your relationships and how to create healthy intimacy skills.

      Tape 1: Personal Growth -- How does that tie in to relationships?
      • Identify your personality traits
      • Understand how your personality develops
      • Assess you need for growth and change

      Tape 2: Partner Selection -- How did or do you choose a partner?
      • Identify your romantic ideal
      • Recognize the fantasy bond
      • Make conscious choices -- better choices

      Tape 3: Relationship Building -- How do you make them get better?
      • Understand types, styles and stages of relationships
      • Recognize levels of desire and sexuality
      • Learn to create intimate communication

This concise, inviting guide illuminates the journey towards creating extraordinary relationships. Learn how to make your relationships to be more satisfying, exciting and fun! Know how to make your relationships last a life-time.

Relationship Coaching with LifePartners

    Specialized personal coaching for couples and singles who want excellent relationships and are willing to "go into training" to have them. Your first half-hour is FREE. Use your time to enrich your results from using the Relationship Fitness Kit. Determine your next step. We guide. You decide.

This is the LifePartners Relationship Fitness Kit!

Ordering Information

    The cost of the entire package is only $45.00**
    (CA residence add 7.5%)
    **Plus $4.00 for Shipping and Handling
    Call 1-800-373-2642 to order using MasterCard or VISA.

    Or send check to:

      6770 Eagle Ridge Road
      Penngrove, CA 94951-9728
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