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"Along with marriage and childbirth, I now add this as a defining moment in my life." --BH
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Bill Elbring and Judy Hartline Elbring are recognized by the International Coach Federation as Master Certified Coaches. We specialize in Relationship Coaching. Bill and Judy work individually and together as a couple to guide men and women through the complications of modern relationship. Here are the highlights of their story:

We were college sweethearts in the early 60's. After a brief campus romance we went our separate ways. We each pursued a professional career, sought advanced degrees, met someone else, married and started a family. Judy's marriage ended in death, Bill's in divorce.

We met again in 1980. Older and wiser, we were excited and grateful to have a second chance for love. In the fall of 1987, we took the most important step in our relationship. On the recommendation of a friend and colleague, we attended a four-day "personal growth" seminar. We knew little about the content. We had our friend's high regard for his discoveries and the fact that the people providing the seminar offered a money-back guarantee. That was enough to persuade us to attend.

The possibility of LifePartners began in that moment. Attending that seminar woke us up! It was as if we fell in love all over again — with each other and with life. Each of us began to realize how much intimacy, joy, pleasure and excitement we had traded away for an illusion — Judy for the illusion of security and Bill for the illusion of success. We each knew what it was like to work 60 to 70 hours a week and come home too tired to enjoy being a family. We became determined to change that.

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