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Will you be Mine...

By Bill and Judy Elbring

A familiar phrase. Like one of those little candy hearts made popular for Valentine’s Day — a day for lovers, for romance. Or a day to be reminded that you’re not anyone’s lover at the moment.

Take heart. Most people create at least one serious — meaning that it spans several months to several years — relationship in their adult life. Likely more than one. This article explores the beginning of a romantic relationship.

Something — a spark of romance, a moment of intense connection — something moves people to choose one another. People report feeling powerfully drawn toward someone else. Or feeling as if they already know the other person. Or that something inside them just knows this is the right person for them.

So, what is the probable origin of this powerful feeling? Who is choosing romantic partners for you? And who, incidentally, will likely choose your next partner as well? Many therapists, counselors and psychologists believe that this "chooser" is the inner child, or child within — the child-like part of a personality.

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