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Staying Together

By Bill and Judy Elbring

When a couple decides on marital counseling, what kind works best? A research study at Texas A&M had these results:

Fifty-five couples with marital difficulties were randomly assigned to two different kinds of marital counseling. Twenty-six couples participated in behavioral therapy. They focused on developing their communication and problem solving skills. For example, to resolve a conflict over household chores, they might negotiate a contract that spelled out each partner's duties.

The remaining twenty-nine couples participated in insight therapy. Their focus was on the underlying problems that generate conflicts in a relationship. Using the household chores example, the therapist might help the wife learn why she feels trapped by housework, or why the husband feels responsible for maintaining the yard.

These couples each had 19 sessions with their therapist. At the end of their counseling, about the same number of couples in each group said that therapy had helped. After four years the story was very different: Ten of the behavioral therapy couples (38%) had divorced and only one of the insight couples (3%).

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