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"Along with marriage and childbirth, I now add this as a defining moment in my life." --BH
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Staying Together

By Bill and Judy Elbring

What sort of meaning might be surmised from this study? Supporting people to discover "why" they do what they do appears to matter more in the long run than developing skills to determine "what" to do. Learned skills provide a slowing down process as partners practice their skills. This is a good beginning. Eventually, to get to the heart of each other, people need to look inside to discover who they really are, why they feel as they do, how they want to share their lives.

What can you do? Learn more about relationships. LifePartners teaches you about relationship. Here is how you can begin:

Relationship Assessment: Learn about your relationship strengths, vulnerabilities and potential problem areas.

Relationship Appraisal: Learn about the state of your relationships. Have a Relationship Check-Up. Ask questions about your relationship in particular and/or relationship in general. You have the ear and the wisdom of a Master Certified Coach for 45-minutes.

Relationship Coaching: Learn individually or with a partner. Tackle a particular relationship issue. Schedule a personal session and move right into exploring who you are and what you want.

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